Could you manage your mobile assets smarter?

With traditional GPS asset tracking, companies receive one or two reports a day sometimes delaying crucial response time. Lasso helps companies observe critical asset data while it’s onsite and make proactive decisions before something happens or react immediately to a major event.  Avoid downtime and disruptions so that operations continue seamlessly.

Lasso empowers companies across multiple industries

Oil and Gas

In the oilfield, time is money, and safety is everything. With Lasso, operations managers can quickly find the nearest piece of equipment and remotely monitor what it’s doing.


With location data to validate delivery times, drivers avoid disputes, and sensors monitoring temperature confirm refrigerated goods aren’t compromised.


GPS data combined with sensors can track and monitor the transport vehicles and its load and send alerts by phone or email if issues present themselves.

Water Management

Monitoring of water treatment plant operation is critical.  Pumps that cycle too often or not at all along with levels must be monitored in real time.


Thru the monitoring of air quality, H2S and fluid levels, Lasso helps companies avoid dangerous spills or contaminations and stay compliant with strict environmental standards.


With the ability to manage and monitor heavy equipment remotely, companies can focus on projects instead of misplaced machinery.

Lasso provides relevant data that is accessible and actionable

two way communication-01

Two-way communication

Reconfigure and reprogram your devices remotely eliminating on-site travel.

action upon event-01

Action upon event

React to change on the ground and fix potential problems before they affect operations with remote control of equipment.

intellegence reporting-01

Intelligent reporting

Receive reports based on events, changes in status or a scheduled interval


Alerts via text and email

Receive critical alerts and updates regarding your assets.


Third party APIs

Robust APIs for data transfer into rental, financial or ERP programs

sensor input-01

Sensor Inputs

Interface to countless commercially available sensors such as fluid level, temperature and pressure.