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Lasso provides innovative sensing and tracking solutions adapted to your company’s specific needs. By integrating this data into an advanced, easy-to-use platform, we help you understand the real-time status of your assets’ health, location and utilization.

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iRadar Remote Tank Level Monitor

What's NEW at Lasso Technologies?

iRadar™ Remote Tank Level Monitoring

The award winning Lasso iRadar™ is a revolutionary product for the tank and tote market. Designed based on everything Lasso has learned in the last 10 years about remote tank level monitoring, iRadar is a first-to-market, exclusive all-in-one design that gives users improved accuracy, cost and simplicity with no 3rd-party sensor required.

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Lasso customers have realized substantial savings from monitoring tank levels, engines, generators, pumps, machines and air & water quality as well as tracking assets and fleets.

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What's NEW at Lasso?

Combining powerful web-based software and hardware technologies, including GPS, Satellite, Cellular, RFID, sensors and smart analytics, Lasso delivers the industry’s most diverse integrated telematics system. We offer effective solutions, rugged products and world-class service with the goal of becoming a partner in your company’s long-term success.

How Can Lasso’s Integrated Telematics Products Benefit Your Operation?

Telematics, the integration of telecommunications and informatics, offers significant advantages for managing the shipping of time-sensitive/perishable items, vehicle or equipment fleets and fluid levels in remote storage tank locations. Lasso takes telematics for your operation to the next level, with integrated products and data reporting that gives you the decision intelligence needed to make the best business decisions.


  • Real-time Tracking: Lasso’s telematic products allows real-time monitoring of shipments anywhere in the world, providing insights into location, speed, and route adherence. This transparency provides peace of mind and facilitates proactive intervention in case of delays or diversions. For perishable items, this is especially important.
  • Improved Security: Lasso systems can be equipped with features like geofencing, which alerts the owner if a shipment deviates from its storge area or  designated route. This deters theft and provides peace of mind for valuable cargo. Temperature monitoring can also alert you if a specific temperature is not maintained.
  • Optimized Routes: Telematics data can be used to analyze historical routes and identify inefficiencies. By optimizing routes based on traffic patterns, weather conditions and fuel efficiency, companies can save time and money.


  • Remote Diagnostics: Telematics systems can diagnose vehicle health remotely, identifying potential issues before they escalate into major breakdowns. This preventive maintenance approach reduces downtime, keeps vehicles operating at peak efficiency, and lowers repair costs.
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring: Telematics can monitor driver behavior, including harsh braking, speeding, and excessive idling. This data can be used to coach and train drivers in safer and more fuel-efficient practices, consequently reducing accidents and fuel consumption.
  • Enhanced Fleet Management: Lasso provides a centralized platform to manage and monitor the entire fleet. This allows companies to optimize resource allocation, dispatch vehicles efficiently, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Fluid Monitoring:

  • Real-time Level Monitoring: Lasso’s iRadarTM can be used to remotely monitor fluid levels in tanks located in remote areas. This enables early detection of leaks, overflows, potential environmental hazards or simply letting you know the fluid level is low and needs to be replenished.
  • Predictive Maintenance: By analyzing historical data and trends, Lasso can predict potential issues with tank fluid levels, which allows proactive maintenance to prevent service disruptions.
  • Inventory Management: Lasso can help optimize inventory levels by providing real-time data on fluid consumption and stock levels. This reduces the risk of stockouts and overstocking, saving on storage costs.

In summary, Lasso’s telematic products provide users with a powerful tool for managing and monitoring assets in remote locations. By leveraging real-time data and insights, businesses can improve efficiency, safety and have a more cost effective operation.

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