By delivering smarter data Lasso enables our customers to take action

inventory management-01

Inventory management

Avoid unnecessary travel to remote sites to manually take readings or determine the status of your asset

leak detection-01

Leak detection

Detect tank leaks and be alerted when an asset needs repair or replacement before it’s considered a major spill


Chemical monitoring

Monitor chemical levels to determine if tanks need a refill, usage rate or auto invoicing

fluid levels-01

Fluid levels

Measure municipal aquifer levels, PH, flow, chlorides, and dissolved solids

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Maintenance alerts

Anticipate equipment or product spoilage by monitoring process attributes and analytically determining if a problem is likely to occur based upon historical data

gas level-01

Gas levels

Determine if or when H2S levels or other dangerous gases have reached a deadly level with real-time monitoring

What makes Lasso different?

  • Most asset tracking companies focus on location solutions. Lasso provides both location and sensory data from any monitored asset. This data can come from any physical attribute in the field or vehicle onboard computer data.

  • Lasso monitors weight, flow, tank levels, pressure, temperature, on/off signals, theft, motion detection, vehicle engine data, fleet hours of service, and maintenance logs.

  • Lasso monitors brine oil tank levels remotely. With both cellular and satellite-based service so it can be used anywhere. The Ultrasonic Level Sensors use are impervious to harsh chemicals. Typically Email, and automated phone call alerts are set up for remote monitoring.

  • Yes. The Lasso product line works in almost any country in the world. Our cellular service can automatically switch among different wireless provider options depending on signal availability. The satellite-based Lasso product will work virtually anywhere on earth.

  • The cellular product requires that cellular service be available which is likely in most areas, especially since we have access to multiple providers. For those locations which are extremely remote, our satellite-based products should be used.

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