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Food and beverage transportation, particularly international shipping, is a delicate process requiring special care. Lasso’s versatile solutions give you the ability to monitor levels, validate location & delivery times, detect & trace damage and confirm temperature consistency for refrigerated goods, enabling you to manage interruptions and avoid disputes. If there is a failure, you’re aware of exactly what happened and where. Knowing that a shipment has been delayed or misrouted enables you to better plan and respond. Via our one-stop, easy-to-use platform, Lasso provides the critical telematics data you need to accompany your perishable shipments.

Tank Monitoring

Need Data on Your Tanks?

Monitor levels, location
and temperature
using Lasso’s
robust solutions.

Domestic & International Shipping of Refrigerated Containers

Shipping food or beverages globally?

Lasso’s sensors and GPS tracking technology combine to help protect your shipment, monitoring the internal temperature of refrigerated containers and providing a breadcrumb trail for location tracking.

Tracking Sensitive Products During Transport

Where Is It, and Is It Safe?

Particularly with international shipping, lost, misplaced, delayed or damaged goods can leave companies unsure of what happened or who is culpable. Ultimately, staying on top of assets in transit provides a much better chance of having unspoiled, undamaged products delivered on schedule.

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