The success of an industrial company today is closely tied
to its strategic use of emerging technologies.

- Peter McCormick, Lasso Founder & President

Lasso Technology Overview

Businesses require more insight into their operations now than ever before. To meet this need, Lasso has developed the only telematics solution on the market to offer a unified vision and control of equipment across such disparate technologies as GPS, RFID and barcoding. Lasso’s hardware and software gateway blends multiple technologies into solutions that form three core elements:


GPS tracking and telemetry devices deliver visibility across all asset classes.


Advanced telemetry to observe not only location but performance and usage.


For critical operations that require remote automation when an event occurs.

To further embed these solutions in the daily workflow of our customers, Lasso can provide deep integration with other systems like rental management software and ERPs. We support several types of devices – some developed internally and some from our partners – which provide you with the flexibility to manage all of your assets, whether powered or non-powered, mobile or fixed, domestic or international.

With a web gateway connection to Globalstar, Wi-Fi and Verizon networks, Lasso offers you an integrated and configurable view of asset, fleet, tank, environmental, generator, process monitoring and control data. No other telematics company gives you such a diverse menu of options. And it’s all aggregated into an advanced, easy-to-use platform.

Intelligent Reporting

Receive reports based on events, changes in status or a scheduled interval.

Alerts Via Text, Email or Phone Call

Receive critical alerts and updates
regarding your assets.

Sensor Inputs

Interface to countless commercially available sensors, such as fluid level, temperature and pressure.

Action Upon Event

React to change on the ground and fix potential problems before they affect operations with remote control of equipment.

Third Party APIs

Utilize Robust Application Program Interface (API) for data transfer into rental, financial or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) programs.

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