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Integrated telematics are key to effectively monitoring assets & vehicles as well as protecting sensitive shipments throughout the supply chain. With multiple data points aggregated into Lasso’s easy-to-use platform, your company knows exactly “where it is and what it’s doing” 24/7. Lasso helps companies observe real-time critical asset data and make proactive decisions or react immediately to an event.

Protect your assets, preempt disruptions and avoid downtime so that deliveries arrive securely and operations continue seamlessly.

Tank Monitoring

Need Data on Your Tanks?

Lasso’s robust solutions enable you to monitor levels, GPS and temperature. Shutdown pumps automatically before they overflow and detect leaks before they become a serious problem. From logistical planning to up-to-the-second monitoring, accurate tank levels are key to successful operation.

Asset & Vehicle Tracking

Where Is It , and How Is It Doing?

Where is it, and how’s it doing? Track powered and non-powered equipment, including intermediate bulk containers, trailers, tanks, trucks and other fleet vehicles. Collect rich, accurate data on vehicle speed, health and mileage, set alerts for unauthorized movement, and get average turn time, ETA in transit and much more. You can also track driver behavior for trucks and maintenance as well as log hours of service and get tax/compliance data reports. With location pinpointed, you can reduce theft and make sure it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to be.

Tracking Sensitive Products During Transport

Where Is It, and Is It Safe?

Particularly with international shipping, lost, misplaced, delayed or damaged goods can leave companies unsure of what happened or who is culpable. Ultimately, staying on top of assets in transit provides a much better chance of having unspoiled, undamaged products delivered on schedule.

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