The World's Most Advanced Data Networks

Lasso utilizes the highest-quality data access available today. Fitting the most appropriate network to each application, our solutions adjust to meet the specific requirements of our customers. Lasso’s web gateway connection aggregates available data into a single integrated and configurable platform, making it easy to keep track of all your assets, whether in your backyard or on the other side of the globe.


Lasso uses AT&T and Verizon LTE networks to allow data transmission when customers have large amounts that need to be transmitted faster. A localized network, LTE is available in most US cities, suburbs and many rural areas. Cellular coverage is also available now in most regions of the world, providing global access. Connection speeds may vary depending on the network technology used in the area and can be affected by geographic features, building construction and weather.


Lasso uses Globalstar’s state-of-the-art technology to provide satellite communication over an exceptionally clear and secure network. Globalstar’s constellation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites connect via 24 ground stations to communications infrastructure on six continents, providing communications to more than 120 countries throughout the world. While using smaller data packets than cellular, satellite transmissions have the advantage of going anywhere globally.


Lasso utilizes Wi-Fi, a local area network that connects to a central device, to transmit in real time directly to a network or mobile device, such as a tablet, for on-site data reporting.


A Zigbee network addresses the unique needs of low-cost, low-power wireless IoT networks. Supporting multiple network topologies, such as point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and mesh networks, Zigbee is used by Lasso to connect multiple wireless sensors to a central hub.

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