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When air and water monitoring is critical, Lasso provides you with
the data and graphical interface you need reported to
Lasso’s all-in-one platform, app and tablet PCs.

IoT sensors have transformed air and water quality monitoring, a time-consuming manual enterprise, into a remote process providing real- or near-real-time data. Using Lasso’s robust solutions, organizations in government, oil & gas and chemical industries can help ensure quality, meet regulations and avoid costly errors.

Is it important for you to know?

  • The temperature, pH, turbidity, chloride or other levels of your water supply?
  • The level or flow rate of water, particularly when these indicate a possible leak or overflow?
  • Gas levels, such as CO, O2, H2S, because they are required to be monitored for safety and compliance?
  • When a flare is active or how much is being burned off?
  • That your telematics products and sensors are robust and dependable?

For the Oil & Gas Industry

Know the real-time quality of the produced water during the fracking process by measuring pH, salinity, turbidity and other values. Stay on top of air quality levels by monitoring for LEL and potentially hazardous gases, like H2S, CO2, methane and O2. If there’s an issue, sirens and lights sound on site and email alerts are sent to key personnel. Boost safety and lower risk by staying on top of relevant data.

For the Chemical Industry

Keep track of flow rates, gas levels, air and water quality with Lasso’s
high-quality, rugged products.

For Water Districts & Municipalities

Stay on top of: levels inside ponds and lakes; rainfall amounts, and the quality of aquifers and the municipal water supply. Lasso’s multi-faceted telematics sensors and reporting system provides numerous data points for monitoring bodies of water. With aquifers, groundwater is obtained via visualization that uses water flow and flow rate data to perform hydrogeologic tasks, including visualization of the potentiometric surface as it changes over time in response to pumping and recharge. Water treatment plant operation pump cycles may be monitored in real time. Lasso’s robust solutions also allow near-real-time monitoring of municipal water levels and chemicals, pH, chlorides, dissolved solids and pollution.

Looking for the Best Solutions and
a Partner to Bring Them to  Life?

Lasso’s diverse suite of solutions and extensive experience means we can tailor products to fit your exact needs. And we’ll work with you short- and long-term to get your telemetry going – and growing with you.

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