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IoT Evolution 2022 Asset Tracking Award Winner

Easy to install and monitor onsite or remotely.
iRadar™ is fully external to your tank.
No drilling or chemical contact required.
iRadar™ works on poly, fiberglass
and metal tanks up to 30-feet tall!

U.S. Patent Numbers 10,290,203 and 11,555,732


iRadar™ Remote Tank Monitoring

The award winning Lasso iRadar™ is a revolutionary product for the tank and tote market. Designed based on everything Lasso has learned in the last 10 years about remote tank level monitoring, iRadar is a first-to-market, exclusive all-in-one design that gives users improved accuracy, cost and simplicity with no 3rd-party sensor required.

iRadar™ Features

  • Fully integrated Satellite, GPS and radar
  • Long-life battery (3 – 5 years with replaceable batteries)
  • Class 1 Div 1, Groups C, D T4
  • Installs in less than two minutes with no drilling or chemical contact required
  • Contactless, accurate level measurement and mounts on most tanks
  • Works with virtually any fluid (thick, foamy, caustic)
  • Optional remote location screen uses Bluetooth® wireless technology for eye-level readings on tall tanks
  • Remote programming and display using iPhone

iRadar™ Specifications

  • Works on poly, fiberglass or metal tanks
  • 30-ft. depth measuring range
  • .25" accuracy
  • Globalstar Simplex satellite communication
  • 3-5 year battery life (3,000 reports)
  • Wireless Bluetooth® remote programming
  • C1D1 UL913 (Class 1 Div 1, Groups C, D T4)
  • 3M VHB tape & NPT mounting options
  • 80 GHz, 8° beam angle
  • 3 seconds to take a depth reading
iRadar remote tank level device

iRadar™ for Poly or Fiberglass Tanks

iRadar™ sees directly through the outer wall on poly or fiberglass tanks, so installation is as easy as affixing the device on top of your tank using 3M VHB tape.

For thicker-walled poly or fiber tanks, you can use screws to attach iRadar™.

iRadar™ works on tanks up to 30-feet tall.

iRadar™ for Metal Tanks

For installation on metal tanks, Lasso provides a chemical-resistant Teflon and stainless steel adapter that screws into the tank's 2" NPT port. This adapter gives iRadar™ clear access to measure and communicate fluid levels.

iRadar™ works on metal tanks up to 30-feet tall.

Lasso iRadar™ Tank Level Monitoring Analytics

Lasso provides easy-to-access online reports and analytics through our user portal.
This real-time information helps you maximize  tank productivity through your mobile phone, tablet or desktop device.

iRadar™ Remote Display

For on-site monitoring of tall or difficult-to-access tanks

  • Mount display where it is convenient to view. 
  • Press remote display to wake iRadar  
  • Display is paired to one iRadar unit
  • Connects up to 100 feet away
  • Bluetooth® Wireless connection - no wiring required

Tank Level Monitoring

Easy to Install

Easy to Maintain

Long Battery Life

Works Anywhere

Easy to Access Data

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