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Integrated Telematics Data

Lasso uses a best-in-class Amazon Web Services cloud platform to provide a turn-key solution for our customers seeking to improve their operations. Offering a highly secure and scalable infrastructure, this platform-as-a-service can monitor thousands of unique assets from virtually anywhere in the world.

With intelligent reporting based on events, alarms, change in status, underutilized assets or at scheduled intervals, Lasso aggregates all data into a single graphical and tabular interface. Our service provides the highest level of uptime and redundancy available, a standard of reliability that is vitally important to our customers. The Lasso integrated platform not only unifies all your telematics data but also interfaces easily with existing software for dispatching, rental management or maintenance.

Lasso's All-In-One Platform Provides Data Access For:

GPS location

Asset status

Dwell time


Billing verification


Engine data

Fluid levels


Water quality

Flow rate

Gas levels

Analog/digital output

Two-way communication

Remote control of assets

Web / Desktop
Data Access

  • Integrated platform provides high-quality graphical interface.
  • Sensor data and GPS coordinates are returned to web pages.
  • Data can be viewed in tabular or graphical format.
  • Analytics can detect inconsistent data or irregularities.
  • Raw Data may be pulled from the servers by the customer using an API for use on their portal. Date, time and serial number filters can be sent. (Contact Lasso for details.)

Threshold values on the web site are used to determine if an error message needs to be sent.

Tablet Data

  • Wi-Fi data is sent to a local tablet computer to see sensor data in a special Lasso application several times per minute.
  • Data in an Excel format is stored on the tablet for later forwarding when the Lasso application is open. Email or a thumb drive should be used to forward the Excel data files from the tablet.

iPhone & Android App

  • Location and sensor data are accessible in the palm of your hand with the Lasso native iPhone and Android app.
  • One-touch routing to assets helps you get to where your equipment is for quick retrieval.
  • The alert status of any asset may be checked.


  • Reports showing the value of each channel and sensor are sent daily or hourly if selected.
  • MIN and MAX thresholds set on the CONFIG page are used to define alarms on the summary email.


  • Optional phone call alerts are available, when desired.
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