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The condition of any community depends on the quality of its water. Lasso provides water districts and municipalities with the data they need to monitor lakes, aquifers and water treatment 24/7. Levels and flow are monitored simultaneously with chemistry, giving a complete picture of status in near-real-time. Information may be accessed via Lasso’s all-in-one platform on desktop, via tablet in the field or on a smartphone app to ensure all pertinent parties are kept up to date.

Lake Level & Rainfall

What’s the status?

Telematics data on rainfall, spillway levels and local weather keep you on top of critical information about drinking water, lake recreation and imminent flooding potential. Water quality monitors assure levels are within range or will alert to contaminant excess.

Aquifer and Treated Water Quality

What’s the quality?

Data from underground aquifers and groundwater is obtained via visualization that uses water flow and flow rate data to perform hydrogeologic tasks. Water treatment plant operation pump cycles may be monitored in real time. And municipal water levels, including PH, chlorides and dissolved solids, provide assurance of acceptable quality or notify when out of range.

Water Districts


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