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"Because we prize long-term relationships,
at Lasso we offer world-class service
and support coupled with high-quality,
durable products that last.

Founded in 2008, Lasso is an Industrial IoT company offering the industry’s most diverse integrated telematics system. What sets Lasso apart is the use of powerful web-based software and hardware technologies, such as sensors, GPS, RFID, and mesh technologies, communicating data over satellite, cellular or Wi-Fi networks, all of which enable us to provide our customers with a diverse suite of solutions that coalesce into a single interface.

At Lasso, we believe that better data helps make better decisions, so we provide products and services that enable our customers to confidently run more efficient, prepared and proactive operations. We are always working to address our client’s specific needs and tackle even the most complex challenges with creative and resourceful solutions.

Our customers span a broad range of industries around the globe, including oil & gas, chemical, transportation & logistics, leasing, construction, government & environmental, food & beverage and agriculture. With them, we share an expansive vision and the courage to execute today’s most innovative and strategic telematics solutions.

Lasso's Integrated Telematic Products Can Take You to the Next Level!

Telematics, the integration of telecommunications and informatics, offers significant advantages for managing the shipping of time-sensitive/perishable items, vehicle or equipment fleets and fluid levels in remote storage tank locations. Lasso takes telematics for your operation to the next level, with integrated products and data reporting that gives you the decision intelligence needed to make the best business decisions.

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