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Chemical handling and management require special care. Lasso’s complete suite of integrated telematics solutions helps you stay on top of levels, temperature, status, location and movement, all aggregated into our one-stop, easy-to-use reporting platform.

Tank Monitoring

Need Data on Your Tanks?

Monitor levels, GPS and
temperature using
Lasso’s robust


Equipment Monitoring

What's It Doing?

Stay on top of chemical flow rates, gas levels, air and water quality. Lasso offers machine monitoring of Modbus, sensor, J1939 data: motor drive current, voltages, RPM, errors,
tank process levels and flows with
correlation graphs reported to
Lasso’s all-in-one platform
and tablet PCs over Wi-Fi.


Asset Tracking

Where Is It?

Track powered and non-powered equipment, including intermediate bulk containers, trailers, tanks, trucks and fleet vehicles. See vehicle health and runtime values, set alerts for unauthorized movement, and get average turn time, ETA in transit and much more. 


Refrigerated Container Shipping

Shipping Chemicals Globally?

Lasso’s sensors and GPS tracking technology combine to help
protect your shipment, monitoring the internal temperature
of refrigerated containers and providing a
breadcrumb trail for location tracking.




Tank Leasing Companies



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