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Choose from 3 Types of Sensor Solutions

1 – Buy Standard Products Direct

Off-the-shelf, high-quality, rugged products viewable on the Lasso platform or integrate into your own system or platform.

2 – Work with Us to Configure the Solution That’s Right for You

Because about 80% of telematics solutions are the same, at Lasso, we use our extensive experience, diverse products suite and vast resources to configure the critical last 20% according to your precise needs. By taking into account what assets you need to track, monitor and control, we make cost-effective recommendations specific to your company that address your evolving requirements. And we can manage any size of project – small to extra-large, local or global. Our customers tell us that we’re easy to work with – it’s because we make customer service a high priority, and we price and collaborate for long-term relationships.

3 – Partner with Lasso to Develop Custom Solutions

Lasso’s adept engineering team thrives on problem solving. Because we have detailed knowledge of software development, wireless communications, GPS, and RFID technology and utilize extensive telematics resources, we can address your needs in ways that other companies can’t. Bring us your challenge, and let our innovative team work with you to develop a just the right solution.

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