Location     Motion     Temperature     Humidity     Light

NimbeLink Asset Tracking devices
– AT2, AT4 and AT6 –
are ruggedized, operate indoors and out and
deliver exceptional battery life.

When a shipment is sensitive, perishable or highly valuable, NimbeLink asset tracking solution provides the telematics data you need to chart its journey. With tracking for a range of location services that include GPS and cellular/Wi-Fi triangulation, NimbeLink additionally provides options to monitor temperature, humidity and light. Motion reporting, including tilts, drops or opens, is also available.

With continuous monitoring throughout the supply chain, NimbeLink even reports when the product goes into a warehouse. This up-to-date shipment information provides critical data needed for planning and scheduling while also helping avoid asset misplacement, loss or theft. From simple tracking to fully featured monitoring, NimbeLink Asset Trackers are designed to fit the broadest array of use cases, business models and budgets.

Features and Benefits:

  • Deployment ready
  • Latest cellular technology - LTE-M / NB-IoT
  • Industry leading battery performance
  • Highly Configurable – Broad use case support
  • Globally Capable – Multi-band support
  • Enterprise Integration – RESTful API / PubSub
  • Flexible business models


Lasso Reporting Platform

Lasso provides an easy-to-use data interface that gives you instant office or field access to all your distributed telematic technologies

  • Assign who can track your assets.
  • Set up customized email and/or text alerts for movement or boundary violation.
  • Select breadcrumb tracing with date ranging.
  • Keypad and display allow parameters to be configured, sensors to be read and reporting times to be adjusted locally.
  • Receive data and alerts via text, email or phone.

On a local, regional, national or global basis – you’ll know where your assets are located and their status.

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