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Need Data On Tanks?

Monitor levels, GPS and temperature using Lasso’s robust and cost-effective solutions. Whether you need tank monitoring for ISOs, poly tanks, IBCs or frac tanks, Lasso has a versatile suite of products and sensors that can be configured to meet your needs.

You can shut down pumps automatically before they overflow and detect leaks before they become a serious problem. Our sensors confirm tanks are filled to correct capacity and that the right amounts are delivered. You’ll stay up to date on where the tanks are and their ETA in transit. With Lasso’s comprehensive solutions, you’ll know that there is always the right amount of fluid on hand by monitoring tank levels 24/7.

Do you have problems with?

  • Running out of chemicals during fracking?
  • Tanks overflowing, creating a remediation scenario?
  • Keeping track of usage or delivery/receipt amounts?
  • Sending someone to fill or drain a tank only to find out when they get there that the service wasn’t needed?
  • Running out of water or fluids onsite?
  • Having to frequently replace telematics products and sensors?

With Lasso’s rugged industrial IoT solutions, you can avoid these issues in favor of proactive, efficient and profitable telematics for your company. Whether you need better data or it’s a value-add for your customers, you’ll find that preventing tank level problems goes straight to the bottom line.


Lasso's revolutionary new product for tank monitoring combines satellite, GPS and radar technology in one unit. Easy to install and easy on cost.

Looking for the Best Solutions and
a Partner to Bring Them to  Life?

Lasso’s diverse suite of solutions and extensive experience means we can tailor products to fit your exact needs. And we’ll work with you short- and long-term to get your telemetry going – and growing with you.

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