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In the oil and gas industry, time is money, and safety is everything. Lasso’s integrated system enables you to quickly find your equipment, monitor what it’s doing and remotely control it. With a unified vision and management of assets that can combine GPS, RFID and barcoding, Lasso solutions can not only increase productivity and safety but also mitigate risks of spills and fines for improper storage. Check out our one-stop, easy-to-use platform and innovative solutions to support your peak operational performance.

Tank Monitoring

Need Tank Data?

Lasso’s robust solutions enable you to monitor levels, GPS location and temperature. Get frac chemical tank levels and flow rate up to every 5 minutes. Shutdown pumps automatically before they overflow and detect leaks before they become a serious problem. From logistical planning to up-to-the-second monitoring, accurate tank levels are key to successful operation.


Generator & Pump Monitoring and Control

How’s It Going?

Keep track of equipment location, operational data and diagnostics. Stay on top of usage & maintenance status and anticipate potential equipment failures. Turn equipment and pumps on or shut off remotely. Get information in real time at the well site on a tablet or monitor it from the office. You can make sure it’s all running smoothly 24-7.

Advanced Equipment Monitoring

What's It Doing?

Lasso offers SCADA-like machine monitoring of Modbus, 4-20mAh and J1939 data: motor drive current, voltages, RPM, errors, tank process levels and flows with correlation graphs. Track flow rate, levels, pump cycling and run time with all data reported over cellular and satellite networks to our all-in-one platform.



Water Treatment and Air Quality Monitoring

Is It Safe?

Is it safe? Know the real-time quality of the produced water during the fracking process by measuring pH, salinity, turbidity and other values. Stay on top of air quality levels by monitoring for LEL and potentially hazardous gases, like H2S, CO2, methane and O2. If there’s an issue, sirens and lights sound on site and email alerts are sent to key personnel. Boost safety and lower risk by staying on top of relevant data.


Asset Tracking

Where Is It?

Track powered and non-powered equipment, including intermediate bulk containers, trailers, tanks, trucks and fleet vehicles. See vehicle health and runtime values, set alerts for unauthorized movement, and get average turn time, ETA in transit and much more. With location pinpointed, you can reduce theft and make sure it’s doing exactly what it’s supposed to be.




Oil & Gas


Oil & Gas

Tank Rental Companies

Just getting started with Telematics?

We’ll partner with you at the outset to bring in the right telemetry solutions then work with you to expand functionality as you grow.

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