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IoT telematics applied to preventive and predictive maintenance consistently provides high return on investment for equipment and vehicles. With Lasso’s suite of sensor solutions, engine data and diagnostics can help you preempt failures by catching small problems early – before they turn into something substantial – which can prevent unexpected repairs and costly downtime.

Do you have problems with?

  • Not having engine or other data that could help you determine if an asset is close to failure?
  • Losing business due to equipment being down?
  • Generators and other pieces of power equipment that regularly need to be maintained?
  • Equipment failing due to poor maintenance, particularly in remote locations?
  • Needing to know when service is due or overdue for your equipment?

With scheduled alerts and reports, you’ll know when it’s time to do maintenance and oil changes or whether they are being done properly by staff or renters, which is often a requirement for warranty validation. A data trail can help solve the mystery of who did or didn’t do maintenance prior to a failure and encourage compliance. Lasso’s preventive maintenance telematics solutions help you extend the lifespan of equipment and vehicles, keeping them running smoother and longer with maximized uptime.

Looking for the Best Solutions and
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Lasso’s diverse suite of solutions and extensive experience means we can tailor products to fit your exact needs. And we’ll work with you short- and long-term to get your telemetry going – and growing with you.

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