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From monitoring tank levels to determining delivery amounts, Lasso’s advanced industrial IoT solutions help you manage chemicals throughout the development and usage process. Our diverse data reporting gives you up-to-date information on chemical levels, GPS location and temperature, flow rate and much more, all aggregated into our advanced, easy-to-use platform.

Do you have problems with?

  • Shipping overfilled or underfilled tanks?
  • A customer continually running low on chemicals?
  • Keeping track of usage?
  • Your customers knowing when deliveries are in transit or have arrived?
  • Chemical spoilage because of high or low temperatures?
  • Having to frequently replace telematics products and sensors?

Get chemical tank levels and flow rate up to every 5 minutes, shutdown pumps automatically before they overflow and detect leaks before they become a serious problem.

Access machine monitoring of Modbus, sensor, J1939 data: motor drive current, voltages, RPM, errors, tank process levels and flows with correlation graphs. When you need to ship chemicals, Lasso’s sensors and GPS tracking technology combine to help protect them, monitoring the internal temperature of refrigerated containers and providing a breadcrumb trail for location tracking.

Throughout their lifecycle, Lasso helps you make sure that chemicals are managed, safe and where they are supposed to be. With our rugged IoT solutions, you can ensure the best possible outcomes for your chemical processes.

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