Whether you’re transporting chemicals or milk, monitoring a front-end loader or a wellsite, Lasso has the appropriate fit-for-purpose sensor for you. Because we deliver the industry’s most diverse integrated telematics system, we offer a wide variety of sensors to meet your needs. Let us know what you want to track, monitor or control. We’ll have the rugged solution that’s right for you.

The Lasso Alpha monitors and transmits data from a variety of operational standards sensors, including:

Monitored Applications Include:

• Pressure
• Generator
• Temperature
• Fuel Gauges
• Level
• Ultrasonic
• Chemical
• Engine Controls


Alpha communicates from the asset’s location using Globalstar satellites, international cellular networks or local Wi-Fi hotspots. Sensor data is made available to customers through the Lasso Reporting Platform.

Lasso Featured Sensors

Lasso Alpha + Appropriate Application Sensor = Tracking, Monitoring & Control Data

Liquid Level Gauges

  • Non-contact measurement
  • Cost effective, simple installation
  • Reliable measurement independent of product features
  • Good for most chemicals except thick or foamy liquids

Liquid Level Gauges

  • High plant availability through maximum overload and vacuum resistance of the ceramic measuring cell
  • Self-cleaning effect through front-flush installation
  • Low maintenance costs through wear-free ceramic measuring cell
  • Not to be used in thick slurries

Guided Wave Radar

  • Reliable measurement regardless of density variations
  • High process stability due to highest chemical resistance
  • Minimum time and costs for installation due to simple commissioning
  • Measures maintenance-free aggressive liquids or liquid media with highest hygienic requirements
  • Even in applications with vapor, buildup, foam generation and condensation, the sensor delivers precise and reliable measured values
  • Option to coat in Teflon for extremely harsh chemicals


  • Highly accurate and repeatable readings
  • Rugged and reliable, lengths up to 25 feet (price may vary)
  • Dual level (interface) measurement option
  • Works with fluids under pressure
  • Works with difficult fluids
  • Tank volume/level, strapping table

Lasso Additional Sensor Options

Temperature Sensors

  • Available in a wide range of operating temperatures
  • Food-grade options available
  • Impervious to most chemicals
  • XP versions for oilfield or refinery applications

Pressure Sensor

  • 5 Point NIST Traceable Calibration included
  • Stainless steel fitting and body
  • Solid state media isolation suitable for use with many industrial liquids and gases
  • 0 to 300 psi
  • Accuracy: 0.25% BFSL (including linearity, hysteresis and repeatability)
  • Operating Temperature: -54 to 121°C (-65 to 250°F)
  • Compensated Temperature: -20 to 80°C (-4 to 176°F)
  • Thermal Effects: 0.04% FS/°C (0.02% FS /°F)
  • Proof Pressure: 150%
  • Burst Pressure: 300% range <100 psi; 200% range ≥100 psi
  • Response Time: 2 mS typical

Flow Sensor

  • Electrodes designed to discourage fouling
  • Available in 4” to 12” pipe
  • For use in municipal or industrial water, waste and reclaimed water, pump stations, and packaged plant applications.
  • NSF-61 approved and are rated IP68

Gas Sensor

Reads the levels of many dangerous gases, including:

  • H2S (hydrogen sulfide)
  • LEL (flammable vapor level)
  • O2 levels
  • Methane
  • Carbon Monoxide

Gas Flow Meter

  • Insertion into gas line to read gas flow rates
  • .2% flow accuracy
  • Pure gas
  • Wastewater gas

Air Quality Sensor

Reads any combination of:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Pressure, Ozone
  • CO2
  • CO
  • VOC (volatile organic compounds)

Water Quality Sensor

For use in lakes, underground aquifers or municipal water supplies)

Reads any combination of:

  • Temperature
  • pH
  • Salinity
  • Conductivity (water quality)
  • Turbidity (clarity)
  • Depth
  • ORP (ability to break down contaminants)
  • Oxygen levels
  • DO (dissolved oxygen in water)

Rainfall Sensor

  • Tipping bucket style 6” funnel 
  • Self-emptying
  • Rugged and reliable
  • Highly accurate

Lasso CanBus Adapter
Engine Data Monitoring

  • Direct interface between the J1939 engine and the Lasso Alpha
  • Capable of monitoring traffic to listen to broadcast messages
  • Able to query the engine for data that the end user wishes to monitor


Lasso Reporting Platform

Lasso Technologies provides an easy-to-use data interface that gives you instant office or field access to all your globally distributed Alphas.

  • Assign who can track your assets.
  • Set up customized email and/or text alerts for movement or boundary violation.
  • Select breadcrumb tracing by date range.
  • Keypad and display allow parameters to be configured, sensors to be read and reporting times to be adjusted locally.
  • Receive data and alerts via text, email or phone.

Local, regional, national or global – you’ll know where your assets are located.

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