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Lasso’s intelligent reporting is designed for your specific needs and can be based on events, alarms, change in status, underutilized assets or at scheduled intervals. The data then aggregates into a single graphical and tabular interface accessible through our easy-to-use platform.

Whether you are monitoring and tracking equipment, tanks or valuable shipments, Lasso can help you stay on top of your assets’ current status, preempt failures and prevent loss.

Do you have problems with?

  • Assets getting lost?
  • Delayed turn-time for assets in cleaning facilities or other processing locations?
  • Generators and other pieces of power equipment that need to be regularly maintained?
  • Equipment failing remotely due to poor maintenance?
  • Issues with verifying billing for rental equipment in the field?
  • Knowing when equipment has or will arrive?
  • Having to frequently replace telematics products and sensors?

Monitoring & Tracking
for General Assets

  • Track and retrieve assets.
  • Implement billing verification and/or automatic customer billing based upon location on job site.
  • Determine dwell time for demurrage costs.
  • Improve logistics, such as avg turn time and ETA in transit.
  • Add value to leased or rented assets.

Monitoring & Tracking
for Equipment

  • Identify equipment’s location, even in remote areas.
  • Know when equipment moves and whether it is – or isn’t – operating.
  • Get engine data and diagnostics for proactive maintenance and warranty validation.
  • Take care of issues before they happen and know what is needed next.
  • Know if a threshold (temp, engine runtime, on/off, etc.) has been reached.
  • Measure RPMs, odometer, MPH, oil PSI, oil life, coolant, fuel level percentage, battery voltage and engine faults.
  • Keep track of how long it has been out on location for billing verification.
  • Monitor generator location, voltage, current pressure, cycles and run time.
  • Utilize remote startup/shutdown.

Monitoring & Tracking
for Tanks

  • Know where they are and if they’re in the right place
  • Measure tank level of product and change of volume.
  • Track fluid production.
  • Monitor flow rates.
  • Gauge ship-out amount.
  • Identify how much gets delivered.
  • Measure flow outside to make sure tanks are not underfilled or overfilled.
  • Receive alerts for low or high levels.

Monitoring & Tracking for Sensitive
& High-Value Shipments

  • Know the location, movements and level of shipments.
  • Monitor temperature and receive alerts if it goes out of range.
  • Monitor whether a refrigeration unit is on or off.
  • Track shipments of food and beverages in transit for location and logistics.
  • Monitor perishable shipments continuously throughout the supply chain, even when the product goes into a warehouse.
  • Know if a shipment has left the distribution center or is still awaiting transport.
  • Track high-value medical equipment to verify it is still inside the hospital.
  • Know where valuable diagnostic equipment is with indoor/outdoor GPS tracking.
  • Know a shipment has been sent to the wrong location or has not been shipped, enabling better planning and reaction to potential delays.

Looking for the Best Solutions and
a Partner to Bring Them to  Life?

Lasso’s diverse suite of solutions and extensive experience means we can tailor products to fit your exact needs. And we’ll work with you short- and long-term to get your telemetry going – and growing with you.

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