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What Can Lasso Do For Your Operation?

Measure & Manage Fluids

Track Assets

Help Prevent Leaks & Overflows

Get Billing Data & Verification

Monitor Transit Temperatures

Track Usage, Deliveries & Transfers

Minimize Theft & Loss

Increase Utilizatoin

Need To Know?

Amounts & Leaks

  • How much fluid is in the tanks and how much gets delivered?
  • What is the ship-out amount?
  • What’s the change in level to confirm tanks are not leaking?


Lasso’s Alpha system provides tank level, GPS and temperature monitoring, including fluid level for production tanks, ISO and poly tank delivery and utilization.

Asset Location

  • Where is our equipment (even at remote locations), and what’s its ETA?
  • Is it idle or moving, and has a threshold been met for temperature, engine runtime, off/on and more?
  • How long has it been on location (for billing verification or demurrage costs), and what was its average turn time?


Lasso’s Smartone asset tracking solution provides satellite connectivity through the GlobalStar network for the intelligent management of fixed and mobile assets. Featuring GPS tracking and other features, asset location is transmitted every few hours and every hour during movement, or reporting can be customized by Lasso. Choose from battery-powered Smartone C or solar-powered Smartone Solar.

Status of Domestic & International Shipments in Refrigerated Containers

  • What is the location, movement and level of our chemical shipments?
  • Is the temperature stable and, if not, can I be notified of potential spoilage conditions?


By tracking shipments via GPS, Lasso’s Alpha system gives you the exact location and visual breadcrumb trails. It monitors the temperature of chemicals, alerting you if it goes out of range, and advises whether the refrigeration unit is on or off.

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