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What Can Lasso Do For Your Operation?

Measure & Manage Fluids

Track Assets

Get Billing Data & Verification

Minimize Theft & Loss

Monitor Driver Behavior

Monitor Environmental Quality

Assess Equipment Status

Increase Utilization

Need To Know?

Amounts & Leaks

  • How much fluid is in the tanks and how much gets delivered?
  • How much has been used over time?
  • Is there a spill, or is it pushing too much water?


Lasso’s Alpha system provides GPS, temperature monitoring and tank level for frac tanks, IBCs, ISOs and poly tanks. It is commonly used in various applications such as fracking, upright storage tanks and remote chemical tanks for well treatment. Lasso’s solutions are ideal for process equipment and saltwater disposal.

Asset Location & Diagnostics

  • Where is our equipment (even at remote locations)?
  • Is it idle or moving, and has a threshold been met for temperature, engine runtime, off/on and more?
  • How long has it been on location (for billing verification or demurrage costs), and what was its average turn time?


Lasso’s Smartone asset tracking solution provides satellite connectivity through the GlobalStar network for the intelligent management of fixed and mobile assets. Featuring GPS tracking and other features, asset location is transmitted every few hours and every hour during movement, or reporting can be customized by Lasso. Choose from battery-powered Smartone C or solar-powered Smartone Solar.

Engine data and diagnostics for proactive maintenance and warranty validation as well as equipment locations and utilization are available through Lasso’s Alpha system.

Advanced Equipment Monitoring

  • What is the constantly monitored data from sensors saying about what this tank, engine or piece of equipment is doing right now?
  • Is everything operating as it is supposed to be?


Lasso’s Alpha system provides SCADA-like machine monitoring of Modbus, 4-20mA and J1939 data: motor drive current, voltages, RPM, errors, tank process levels and flows with all data reported over cellular and satellite networks to our all-in-one platform.

Environmental Quality

  • What is the quality of the produced water during the fracking process?
  • Has the air quality dropped due to high levels of potentially hazardous gases?


Using robust sensors, Lasso’s Alpha system measures pH, salinity, turbidity and other values to ensure consistent water quality. With air-quality monitoring for LEL and potentially hazardous gasses, like H2S, CO2, methane and O2, Lasso’s Alpha system alerts when gases reach unsafe levels.

Vehicle Location & Status

  • Where are our vehicles?
  • Are they being driven safely and properly maintained?
  • What is each vehicle’s health?
  • Are they being used or sitting idle?
  • What is the regulatory data, including driver hours of service (FMCSA compliance) and miles driven (IFTA tax)?


Lasso’s Geotab provides rich, accurate data on location, vehicle health, driving behavior and much more, all aggregated into the Lasso all-in-one platform. Data includes GPS, RPM, battery and oil levels, engine temperature, run-versus-idle time, preventive maintenance as well as driver behavior, including speeding, excessive idling and hard braking.

Options include fuel card integration, electronic driver’s logs and in-cab cameras. Geotab data supports FMCSA compliance and IFTA tax reporting end-to-end data protection.


  • How much equipment is on rent and can inventories be better utilized?


Lasso’s SmartOne and NimbeLink keep track of your assets, whether they are in your yard, at a cleaning/maintenance facility or out on the customer site. Know when as asset has been misplaced, stolen or could be better utilized in another location. Choose from battery-powered SmartOne C or solar-powered SmartOne Solar.

Looking for the Best Solutions
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Lasso’s diverse suite of solutions and extensive experience means we can tailor products to fit your exact needs. And we’ll work with you long- and short-term to get your telemetry going – and growing with you.

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