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What Can Lasso Do For Your Operation?

Track Shipments

Track Vehicles

Increase Utilization

Track Deliveries & Transfers

Verify Billing

Minimize Theft & Loss

Need To Know?

Asset Location

  • Where is our equipment (even at remote locations), and what’s its ETA?
  • Is it idle or moving, and has a threshold been met for temperature, engine runtime, off/on and more?
  • How long has it been on location (for billing verification or demurrage costs), and what was its average turn time?


Lasso’s SmartOne asset tracking solution provides satellite connectivity through the GlobalStar network for the intelligent management of fixed and mobile assets. Featuring GPS tracking and other features, asset location is transmitted every few hours and every hour during movement, or reporting can be customized by Lasso. Choose from battery-powered SmartOne C or solar-powered SmartOne Solar.

Status of Sensitive Products During Transport

  • Exactly where are our perishable shipments, whether indoors or out?
  • Is the temperature stable and, if not, can I be notified of potential spoilage conditions?
  • Has the shipment left the distribution center or is it still awaiting transport?


Lasso offers NimbeLink for the continuous monitoring of sensitive food or medical products throughout the supply chain, even indoors. Providing GPS tracking and temperature reporting, NimbeLink is particularly useful for tracking products that may spend time in warehouses with the possibility of getting lost. And knowing that a product has been sent to the wrong location or not shipped enables companies to better plan and react to potential delays.


  • How much equipment is on rent and can inventories better utilized?


Lasso’s SmartOne and NimbeLink keep track of your assets, whether they are in your yard, at a cleaning/maintenance facility or out on the customer site. Know when as asset has been misplaced, stolen or could be better utilized in another location. Choose from battery-powered SmartOne C or solar-powered SmartOne Solar.

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