Lasso announces the introduction of its new website, which features an in-depth presentation of its products and services in a descriptive, easy-to-use format.

“We wanted a website that better communicates our messages and how we can create integrated solutions for companies in a range of industries,” said Peter McCormick, Lasso Founder and President. “It was designed to deliver more visual impact and clear information in line with the great products we have.”

The website organizes categories by Technology, Solutions, Industries and Products so that users may quickly access exactly what they need. Each industry allows site visitors to identify their specific categories in order to pinpoint solutions targeted precisely to their organizations.

“At Lasso, we work with such a wide array of industries and solutions that it was a priority that users be able to move seamlessly through our new website,” said Daniel Irizary, Executive Vice President. “Whether a customer wants to buy products off the shelf, requires assistance with configuration or needs Lasso to partner with them to develop custom solutions, our site gives them an opportunity to envision telematics that can drive their company’s productivity, efficiency and profitability.”

To explore solutions for your company, contact Lasso at 1-866-392-0923 or