Lasso Technologies just completed another successful iRadar™ offshore installation in the Gulf of Mexico.  The client was reliant on a manual process to check mission critical chemical levels pumping from 550-gallon IBCs on unmanned platforms.  This required multiple helicopter trips to offshore locations and cooperation from personnel to communicate the correct levels of product in the IBCs. The client was able to automate this manual process by mounting the iRadar™ via a 2” NPT on the container with the unit reporting GPS location and levels at preset intervals multiple times per day.  Their chemical usage and refill process are now remotely optimized with actionable information provided through Lasso's scheduled reports and email alerts.

Whether on land or offshore, the iRadar™ is purpose built to monitor remote chemical tanks in places where cellular-based devices can't go. iRadar™ is a non-contact satellite telemetry unit that provides both GPS location and chemical level data in a self-contained package. Featuring C1D1 certification and long battery life, iRadar™ is easy to install and operate. The system utilizes the worldwide coverage of the Globalstar satellite simplex network, making remote information anywhere on the planet readily available.

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