Dallas, TX, Nov 2, 2021 – Lasso Technologies has introduced a breakthrough technology and easy-to-use solution for tank level and location monitoring. Patent-pending iRadar features a built-in high-precision radar sensor with fully integrated satellite and GPS connection for the tank and tote market. Highly versatile, iRadar works on poly and steel tanks with virtually any fluid, including those that are thick, foamy and caustic. The world's first Class-1, Div-1, all-in-one tank level and location device, iRadar provides customizable report data that aggregates remotely to an easily accessed reporting platform.

Because of iRadar’s innovative software configuration, its replaceable battery has an extended life of three-to-five years with 4x/day reporting. It installs readily in less than two minutes with no drilling or chemical contact required. Additionally, it offers an optional wirelessly connected screen for remote eye-level readings on large or high tanks.

“We spent years developing iRadar with the goal of creating a technologically advanced yet simple ‘slap-and-track’ solution to the challenging issues faced by tank and tote users,” said Peter McCormick, Lasso Technologies president. “We not only built iRadar to be versatile and easy to use, we also wanted it to be available at a price point that would allow companies of every size to monitor levels and location in a safer way for their personnel.”

At many oil & gas sites and chemical facilities, workers have historically been required to climb tanks frequently to take level readings. These climbs can lead to injuries, and if the tanks aren’t completely level, the measurements can be inaccurate. iRadar addresses these and many other issues. For those companies that have been using level measurement technologies, their product options were limited to cumbersome and expensive 3rd-party solutions that offered only sensor or cellular solutions without intrinsically safe certifications. iRadar is a compact, all-in-one unit, certified to Class-1, Div-1, Groups C, D T4.

“With iRadar, companies are now able to keep track of levels and proactively address underfill and leak issues while concurrently monitoring location to help minimize theft and loss,” said Daniel Irizarry, Lasso Technologies EVP. “OEMs and tank rental companies are telling us that it’s an excellent value-add for their products.”

Radar has a 30’ depth measuring range, .25” accuracy and is 80 GHz with an 8° beam angle. It takes only three seconds to take a depth reading. The product may be used on most tanks up to 30’ tall, including poly, frac, IBC and ISO tanks, and can withstand up to 6 Barr pressure in pressurized steel tanks. The product is fully external to poly tanks and uses a Lasso-provided Teflon and stainless-steel adapter that screws into the 2” NPT port on metal tanks. Remote programming and display are also available using an iPhone. iRadar utilizes Globalstar Simplex satellite communication.

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